Pyroclassic Mini

Pyroclassic Mini

The little brother to the epic Pyroclassic IV, the New Zealand made Pyroclassic Mini is all the technology that makes Pyroclassic great… shrunk down to size! Half the size of the large model, this brilliant unit burns long, clean, and warm, heating a space of up to 100m², perfect for the smaller home wanting a Pyroclassic.

The heart of the Pyroclassic is the cylindrical ceramic firebox, which burns the fire up to 600°C, ensuring it burns clean and long. This firebox is patented technology and helps makes the Pyroclassic Mini one of the cleanest wood burning fires around, with 0.3g of emissions. This essentially blows vapour, meaning the environmental impact is extraordinarily minimal. And with efficiency at 66.5%, you will save a lot of wood a year off the running costs of your heater. Adding Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit to your Pyroclassic Mini can also help increase the efficiency, with an additional 8% of heat retained in the room, compared to traditional air-cooled flue kits.

One of the great features of the Pyroclassic Mini is the colour range. With powder coated side and front panels, you can choose from over 200 colours, allowing you to style your Pyroclassic Mini to perfectly suit your home.

Beautiful, warm, and uncompromisingly efficient, the Pyroclassic Mini is New Zealand’s best kept secret, until it isn’t. And for those looking to be as environmentally conscious as possible, with Pyroclassic’s new carbon positive program, they will plant trees to offset the carbon produced by the Pyroclassic Mini. With its stunning powder coated panels, clean viewing glass and sleek wood box storage space, the Pyroclassic Mini will be a unique feature point in your home.

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