Pyroclassic IV

Pyroclassic IV

Everything about the Pyroclassic IV is impressive. The ceramic firebox is impressive, the number of colour options is impressive (over 200!) and the efficiency is impressive. But the most impressive thing about the New Zealand made Pyroclassic IV is the emissions, or more the lack thereof. With 0.3g of emissions, the Pyroclassic IV is one of the cleanest burning wood heaters ever made. Made more even more clean by Pyroclassic’s new carbon positive initiative, where they plant trees to offset the carbon not only of the manufacturing of the heater, but of the heater’s use over its life cycle.

The secret is the cylindrical firebox. Especially engineered to create the cleanest burning wood fire ever, the Pyroclassic IV’s firebox and clean burning is what sets it apart. And with a heat output of 180m², it doesn’t just burn clean, it thrives clean. But that’s not all that the Pyroclassic IV has going for it under the hood. With the option to add a hot water jacket to your wood heater, allowing you to use the fire for your domestic hot water, you can in fact increase the efficiency of your Pyroclassic from 74% to 83.3%. With efficiency this high, the Pyroclassic IV burns less wood than almost any other comparable wood heater on the market. And burns it for a lot longer too, up to 15 hours on a single load of wood, for true overnight burn.

It’s not just what’s on the inside that counts. The Pyroclassic IV has a cool, retro design which makes it stand out. To make your Pyroclassic IV truly your own, the front and side panels are powder coated to order, allowing you to choose from over 200 colours. This is a level of customization not offered by any other wood heater. And the features don’t even stop there because the top of your Pyroclassic IV wood heater can also be used as a cooking surface, allowing you to simmer, boil and stew anything to your heart’s desire. And adding the Pyroclassic cooktop allows you to turn the top of your Pyroclassic IV into a true oven. The cooking options are endless! And to top it all off (literally), adding Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit to your Pyroclassic IV can help retain 8% of the heat output you lose to air cooled flue kits. This helps keeps the heat in your room and saves you almost a tonne of wood every year.

There’s a lot of reasons to love the Pyroclassic, which is New Zealand’s best kept secret… until it isn’t. From the endless colour selections to the brilliant firebox which leads into the incredibly low emissions, and all of this leads to it being one of the most environmentally friendly and carbon neutral wood heaters available on the market.

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