Esse Plus 2 Companion

Esse Plus 2 Companion

A stunning all electric companion designed to perfectly fit to your Esse wood stove to give you an all in one solution. It has 4 x high performance electric hotplates + 2 x thermostatic controlled ovens.

  • Perfectly Matched 

    The Plus2 Companion is a perfect match to the Esse wood stove range

  • Linked Together
    A joining link towel rail locks your Esse Plus2 Companion to your Esse wood stove
  • Colour Matched
    The Esse +2 Companion has a cast iron face and doors – the same as on your Esse wood stove – with the same enamel finish to perfectly match your Esse cooker (and home!)
  • Esse colors
    Standard Colors are Black, Cream, White, Classic Green, pastel Green, Cocoa, Royal Blue, Pewter, Penumbra, Teal Green, Lavender, Powder Blue, Salmon, Dusky Violet, Shadow & Oxford Blue
  • Premium colors
    Premium colors are Fern Green, Copper Brown, Primrose, Claret, lave and Nightingale

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