The Esse 905 Wood Stove

The Esse 905 Wood Stove

Perfect for the true “foodie” the 905 offers not 1, but 2 true cooking ovens with one massive firebox that makes her a true slow combustion wood stove that burns all night long


  • Stunning Finish
    The 905 is a solid cast iron constructed wood stove, and finished off with a stunning enamel finish with over 20 colors to choose from!
  • Two True Cooking Ovens
    The top oven offers a true high temperature cooking oven: 460mm deep x 360mm wide & 310mm high. The bottom oven is approx 50°C less in temperature, perfect for reduced cooking temperatures and is 460mm deep x 360mm wide & 200mm high.


  • Hot Plate Cooking
    A large DOG-BONE hot plate gives plenty of room for 5-6 pots with a variable cooking temperature to boil or simmer away all day. The Esse also comes with its unique round hot plate covers to keep the heat in on those warm days when you still wish to bake away.
  • Largest Firebox
    With a firebox that takes wood up to 450mm in length, the Esse 905 wood stove is designed to burn 12+ hours on a full single full load of fire wood.


  • Hot Water Option
    The Esse 905 is available in two models. Wet – with a 3kW low pressure stainless steel hot water jacket, or dry – no hot water capacity.
  • Optional Electric Companion
    An optional all electric companion can be added to your Esse wood stove : this now gives you 2 x additional electric ovens + 4 x electric hot plates for the ultimate all round solution.


  • Esse colors
    Standard Colors are Black, Cream, White, Classic Green, pastel Green, Cocoa, Royal Blue, Pewter, Penumbra, Teal Green, Lavender, Powder Blue, Salmon, Dusky Violet, Shadow & Oxford Blue.
  • Premium colors
    Premium colors are Fern Green, Copper Brown, Primrose, Claret, lave and Nightingale.

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